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About Energy Smart Panels

Energy Smart Panels is a prefabricated panelized wall and roof system that offers homeowners and builders in the Northeast, a faster and more energy efficient way to build a new custom home. 

By using our panelized home system, we can pre-assemble the wall and roof panels in a controlled environment to provide you with a structural kit for your new home. This will not only create a savings with on-site labor costs but it will also significantly reduce on-site waste removal costs while eliminating costly material overruns and delays caused by weather and material shortages. We ship the wall and roof panel sections direct to your site, so that your builder can build your home on-site more efficiently with minimal waste. In addition to our structural panel packages, we also include additional materials such as windows, doors, siding and roofing to provide you with a complete weather tight shell to create one stop shopping. 

Energy Smart Panels is a great alternative to conventional building methods! 

From Our Blog


Planning Your New Home

Often prospects inquire to us for guidance on where to start the planning process to build their new home. There is no one correct way, but below we will outline a few first steps that we find helpful here at Energy Smart Panels.

panelized versus modular

The Difference Between Panelized and Modular Homes

There are many misconceptions about panelized homes and one of the biggest is that much of the marketplace compares it to a modular home system. Both offer a building system that is built in a controlled environment, however, the way they are constructed are different. Read more about the difference between modular and panelized homes. Hopefully this will help you decide which building method is right for you.

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