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lakeside panelized home 2 20140904 1966557029

What is the Difference Between SIPS and Panelized Construction?

There are many types of construction methods out there and it's often hard to know exactly how you want or should build your home. Types of construction include popular stick frame construction, timber frame, log homes, modular, panelized, SIPS and more! Today, we thought we would cover two prefab building system options that offer quality and speed: Panelized construction and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS). Between our sister brand Davis Frame Company and our own brand, Energy Smart Panels, we offer both options and each have their own set of perks! 

Both panelized and SIPS construction are a form of prefabrication and are built in a factory. This ensures optimal quality and delivers quick results on-site. Why would someone choose panelized over SIPS or vice versa? It comes down to a matter of preference, and sometimes, one system works better depending on the design. For example, panelized homes are great as a stand alone system and offer a nice alternative to stick framing on site. SIPS, however, are preferred when working with timber frame or post and beam construction. Read on to learn more about both!


Panelized Construction

At Energy Smart Panels, we fabricate structural wall and roof panels made of 2x Southern Yellow Pine Sunapee-NH-Panelized-Home-10dimensional framing lumber and sheathing. With our panels, we give you the option to have them factory insulated or you can insulate on-site.  Due to the ease of installing mechanicals, many builders prefer to insulate the panels on site, as it can be done much easier with a bare wall cavity.

Panelized is very closely related to traditional stick frame construction, but where it's different is that it can be assembled very quick on-site. This enables us to shelter the framing here at our shop from the weather elements and everything is cut on a machine with precision in mind. This eliminates weather delays on site, mis-cuts and cuts down dramatically on waste. This type of prefabrication is more traditional and familiar to builders. It's a great alternative to stick building your home on-site! 

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS) offers one of the best thermal envelope on the market. SIPs panels offer extremely high r-values and minimal thermal bridging, decreasing air leaks and creating a sipsandtimberframevery tight structure.  What are SIPS made out of? Basically, a SIP is like an ice cream sandwich. There is a foam core that is sandwiched between two orient strand boards. R values range anywhere from R16-R54+. They are commonly used with timber frame and post and beam due to the structural integrity the timber frame provides and the energy performance the SIPS provide. A SIPs only home can be achieved without the support of timber framing, however, SIPs do tend to need additional structural framing to go with the panels and may include, glulam, steel, LVL'S and floor framing for additional support. 

If you are building a conventional style home, but want it built quicker on-site, then panelized is a great option! If you would like to feature full timber framing or would like optimal energy performance, we recommend SIPS. Or, lastly, if you intend to build a hybrid home, you can feature timber frame, SIPS and panelized construction. The three construction methods can work very well together with a hybrid design! 

To learn more about your building options, give us a call today by calling 800.636.0993. We can help determine what the best type of construction will work with your design ideas. 

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